Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 14

The Rainwater LP by Citizen Cope

If you're a Citizen Cope fan, then you're probably familiar with this one and if you're not, then this record may be one for you to check out.

This is CC's fourth studio album, the first to be released under his own label, Rainwater Recordings. 

Overall the album is straight up Clarence Greenwood - very mellow blues/hip hop styled rock. Very similar to the other albums he has released. Even though this is a new record on a new label, still the same old Cope.

While the subjects of most of CC's music are not complex (at first) his writing is very creative - reducing sophisticated ideas and emotions to simple lines of prose. For example, from the love-ridden "Healin' Hands":

What's a pocket full of gold
Without a woman that you could hold
Can't afford to be on the back burner no more
Now I got a lot of places to go

and from the pensive "I Couldn't Explain Why":

The world keeps turning
The sun keeps burning
For all to learn what
Heavens only knows
Why do some
Get taken too young
All these answers
That heaven only knows

Similar subjects and vibe continue throughout the album. Lots of love, loss, hope, despair, and a dash of political commentary. 

My favorite track is "Jericho." For no other reason than because of the fresh synth and electronic effects thrown over the funky drum groove. Since this album isn't exactly the epitome of variety, you gotta find other things to be excited about!

Anyway, for Citizen Cope fans, this album won't disappoint. For those who are unfamiliar, don't expect this one to turn that frown upside down, but do expect some excellent production and some honest song-writing about problems that real people have. 

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