Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 31

Oversaturated EP by Rubblebucket

Yeah, so Rubblebucket is weird. But it's a good weird.

Rubblebucket is a dance-indie-alternative-glam-funk supergroup that thrives on the unorthodox. Just check out any of the vids they (or fans) have posted on YouTube...

Anyway, the Oversaturated EP is a good sampling of what this group is about. From the glam-rock opener, "(Focus) Oversaturated" to the horn-infused popfest entitled "Pain from Love" to the faux-downtempo-meets-indie closer "Flower Man," it's abundantly obvious that this group is all about having fun.

I mean did you see that video?!

I'm not gonna comment a lot on a track by track basis because I want you to check 'em out. As if the group's name wasn't enough to pique your interest anyway...

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