Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week 43

Brass Band by Benny Greb

Once again, it is time to get down!

Benny Greb is a well-known funk inspired drummer from Austria. On this record, he teams up with a trio of brass musicians to put out some of the funkiest traditional brass band funk you've ever laid ears on.

This album is unique in the fact that the texture is the same on every track, yet every one has its own unique flavor. From the get go, we get a very '70s true funk number called "Good Question." This one has Sly or James written all over it. 

After the more contemporary brass band-ish "Icestattin," we get a very Galactic "Detective." This tune is funky but very lyrical at the same time. Even though the tempo is very lazy, the track gives a lot of room for all involved to demonstrate not only different knowledge of style but also several opportunities to improvise. The same goes for the smooth jazzified "Next Question." This is also the only track that gives Benny a true drum solo.

Other standouts include "Polka," which sounds like it'd be just as appropriate on the opening number for a Hanna Barbara cartoon. There's also the gospel-infused "Sweetbelt," which really gives the horn players a chance to go to town over a quick swing before opening up some space for Professor Greb to dig in. Very cool tune this one.

The last song on this record, entitled "Good Night," is the only true ballad and well, it's quite nice. Slow, sultry, and yet still funky, this is one of my favorites that reveals a lot of nuance and sensitivity on the part of the players. Very cool.

If you dig on some Soul Rebels or MMW and you're looking for something a little different, look no further. Mr. Greb to the rescue. 

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