Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 46

Time Control by Hiromi's Sonicbloom

Time to catch up!

So this album from Japan's Hiromi Uehara is one that caught me my surprise and boy am I glad it did.

Hiromi is a "classically" trained pianist with a propensity for innovation. She's played with jazz, fusion, and funk specialists like Lenny White, Stanley Clarke, Simon Philips, and Oscar Peterson, among others. Chick Corea is the girl's mentor. How awesome is that?!

In her 2007 release Time Control, we get treated to the fusion stylings of Hiromi with a trio of renowned studio musicians Tony Grey on bass, Martin Valihora on kit, and David Fuiczynski laying it down on his guitar. 

For those of you who are familiar with the genre of Math Rock, this album will be something you will dig. Like the title says, the concept here is time. Whether its messing with time signatures like the ultra-groovy "Time and Space" or the hemiolic play of one "Real Clock vs. Body Clock = Jet Lag," there is plenty to be said, musically speaking of course, on the nature of time. 

Honestly, listening to this album all the way through is no problem. While every track clock in over five minutes, I've never been bored. All the tunes have their own unique flavors - see the Mahavishnu-esque fusion of "Time Out" and then the more downtempo "Deep Into the Night" for some juxtaposition.

Top to bottom, this is an epic fusion/funk/piano effort from one of the most exciting jazz musicians I've ever seen. Monster playing that isn't overly technical is something that isn't always easy to find nowadays, especially from relatively younger musicians. Luckily, Time Control from Hiromi's Sonicbloom breaks the mold. Check it out!

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